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Well it’s done!  As of July 5th all three of GVID’s reservoirs are 100% full.  GVID staff, with the cooperation of State Engineer’s staff, has done an excellent job this year managing our most important resource.  All this, while meeting all irrigation demands and minimizing water leaving the State.

As previously stated, if water users can efficiently manage their water storage orders the rest of this irrigation season, draw-down will be minimized and by the end of September reservoirs should be more than half full.  This will be the best insurance policy toward a sufficient supply of water for the 2015 irrigation season.

As a comparison, during the 2013 irrigation season GVID was only able to store 58,000 acre feet of water.  This is 41% of GVID’s 142,600 acre feet total storage capacity.  Water orders started in early spring and never really stopped.  Total orders amounted to only 44,000 acre feet; minimal use to say the least.

The Board and staff of GVID continue to encourage all water users to use “best management practices” when ordering storage water in and out while overseeing all their resources to produce the highest quality crops possible.





Property Ownership Changes

When buying/selling property, please notify GVID at (307) 762-3555 or email and send a copy of the final deed upon completion of sale to GVID P.O. Box 44 Emblem, WY 82422. This will help us to keep accurate records for your information. Thank you!


Current Reservoir Capacity Levels

Upper Sunshine Reservoir

Current Storage, August 18, 2014  – 52,339 acre feet,  98% of capacity

Last Year, August 8, 2013 – 15,139  acre feet –28% of capacity

Lower Sunshine Reservoir

Current Storage, August 18, 2014  – 54,283 acre feet, 96% of capacity

Last Year, August 8, 2013 – 15,944 feet – 28% of capacity

Roach Gulch Reservoir

Current Storage, August 18, 2014    17,268 acre feet, 53% of capacity

Last Year, August 8, 2013 – 7,945 acre feet -24% of capacity


Total Water Stored

Current Storage, August 18, 2014  – 123,890 acre feet

Last Year, August 8, 2013 – 39,028   acre feet 


River Leveling

Daily Flows Starting 1/1/2014

 Daily Water Orders



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